Big changes coming to DIY Startup news.

D.I.Y. Startup news is changing, we have had great success with the pitches and have decided that we are going to focus the site going forwards on pitches. The plain news posting has moved to Please bear with us while these changes take effect, the domain will redirect to the new pitch site when its ready.

Why are we doing it? There are a couple of reasons for us to change the name and focus of the site. The name really never took off and people seem to associate it with DIY (funny that) and it was only ever created as an experiment and this worked for that. As the years have gone on there was clearly a need for our little experiment to continue so we started to tweak it and added something called pitches. Pitches took off and its mostly all people seem to want to post these days so we want to change the site to compliment that. We have lots of ideas for the new site as well as a new name etc.

Stay tuned the pitch site is coming.