Pitch for Zavvy

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Company / App Name: Zavvy


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What does it do?

Zavvy is an employee enablement platform to help organizations create meaningful onboarding, connect team members regularly, and foster employee development plans. With a one-time setup, all events run automatically – no more manual setting

Why do we need it?

People are company’s greatest asset. Support them through:
Onboarding: deliver unique onboarding experiences at a click.
Connect: build meaningful relationships.
Development: create a cycle of continuous development.

Who is it for?

mid-size to large companies that have regular onboarding, development programs, or foster positive teambuilding through 1:1 connections. Help HR managers tremendously to relieve them from repetitive tasks, e.g. preparing onboarding

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– allow to specifically assign people during onboarding or development program
– automatically track the progress
– automatic notifications and reminders via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or emails
– integrated with Personio and Bamboo HR

What’s next?

– development in employee training feature