Pitch for YouPOLL App


Company / App Name: YouPOLL App

Twitter – @youpollapp

What does it do?

Send advanced polls and surveys to friends, GROUPS, anyone, or target a specific demographic.
Conduct valuable MARKET RESEARCH on millions of users from around the world, Incentivise your research and get rapid responses

Why do we need it?

You can attach images, audio recordings, videos, PDF and websites to each poll or survey

Offer cash for responding to your surveys and get even faster results

Earn MONEY by completing surveys

Export your data to spreadsheets

Who is it for?

Students , businesses, individuals

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No other service enables any user to incentivise a survey with cash to get more responses.

Largest public database of opinions .

Target surveys to specific demographics. Filter survey results using specific demographics.

What’s next?

Get students conducting research surveys on YouPOLL.

Get businesses using YouPOLL to incentivise surveys and get quicker feedback from customers.

Grow the community

Link to Company / App Demo video