Pitch for Yobi App


Company / App Name: Yobi App

Twitter – https://twitter.com/yobi_app

What does it do?

Yobi is a multi channel communication platform for bulk SMS marketing that provides businesses with the ability to communicate via text messaging and Facebook messenger for customer service and to reach out to clients as needed.

Why do we need it?

Yobi makes marketing and working with customers efficient as everything is in an omnichannel messaging platform rather than across a multitude of platforms so you would be able to reach customers across channels without hopping platforms.

Who is it for?

For businesses that want to simplify their work week by streamlining communication with clients. We offer texting, recorded calling and messaging over social media where coworkers can see all communication between clients and coworkers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Yobi not only provides texting, recorded calling and social media messaging, but we are continuously growing and expanding Yobi. We are integrating more social media options as well as integrating with other software to make using Yobi easy

What’s next?

Yobi will soon be integrated with
• Twitter
• WhatsApp
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Line
• Viber
• Email
• And more
We take all feedback and use it to create the perfect product for the user to create a seamless experience for all.

Link to Company / App Demo video