Pitch for WinWinBot

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Company / App Name: WinWinBot


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What does it do?

Using our mobile and web app you can create online courses as a chatbots.
Works with Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Slack etc.

Why do we need it?

Apart from better sales, chatbots increase students’ engagement and courses completion rates by 200% compare to common approach.

You save time and money: our product replaces all other tools like Website, LMS, CRM, Email Marketing, SMS.

Who is it for?

For online coaches and all who’s launching online courses:

– Experts
– Bloggers and influencers
– Business owners with complex products that require education
– Corporates and HRs (corp education)

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unique features that reveal the power of messengers in education:

Longreads (extend standard chat messages with our drag & drop lessons builder)
Tests and quizzes
Homework via 1-to-1 discussion boards
Content protection

and more.

What’s next?

AI-driven bot-teacher that can guide students through their tailored education plans faster and more effective than human. 24×7. In any language. In any place.

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