Pitch for Wa.ag – The Opportunity Engine

Company / App Name: Wa.ag – The Opportunity Engine

Twitter – @davegise

What does it do?

Wa.ag is a platform for facilitating fun & rewarding flash networking events in local bars/clubs/restaurants during off-peak hours.

We seek to bridge the gap between online/offline networking to create meaningful business relationships.

Why do we need it?

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have done wonders for
developing online relationships but those so rarely turn into real business opportunities.

Wa.ag is the ideal platform for marketing yourself in the internet age.

Who is it for?

WAAG is for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, investors or anybody else looking to effectively market themselves or their businesses at fun and informal get togethers via the inclusion of social gaming elements in live venues.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Waag turns the popular group-buying trend on its head by making the value-prop more about the experience (creating REAL business opportunities) than the fire-sale discount, which in many cases will only devalue a venues product offering.

What’s next?

We are focused on constantly refining the platform and processes to address many of the shortcomings and negative stereotypes associated with traditional networking events. We will do this based on feedback and suggestions from our events.

Pitch Video