Pitch for Volley- Video Messaging

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Company / App Name: Volley- Video Messaging


Twitter – https://twitter.com/volley_app

What does it do?

Volley is a video-first messaging app that makes it easy to have rich conversations on your own time. You can talk 1:1, as a group, or create a space for your community, VIP clients, or side-hustle team.

Why do we need it?

In Volley, you take turns just like any other conversation, except you record your turn with video (a volley) in a threaded conversation. This gives you the best of both worlds–the richness of talking + the flexibility of texting.

Who is it for?

Coaches, collaborators, communities, teams, or any group wanting to communicate however works best for them.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Volley’s core experience is based on face-to-face video messaging which enables quick, frictionless communication. It is asynchronous, which means you can participate on your own time without having to coordinate a time.

What’s next?

Revolutionize the way people communicate with each other.

Link to Company / App Demo video