Pitch for VendaSnack.com

Company / App Name: VendaSnack.com

Twitter – vendasnack

What does it do?

VendASnack.com is a fast snack delivery service. We deliver snacks to your workplace, college or anywhere . .FREE SHIPPING . 24 snacks for $24.Over 200 snacks to choose from.No more trips to the vending machine

Why do we need it?

Everybody loves snacks.Most people usually get it from the vending machine. What they dont understand is the limited variety of snacks in there and their age. Most of the snacks in vending machines been there for a while.

Who is it for?

Everybody who love to have snacks and munchies.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We ,as far as we know, are the only snack delivery service with free shipping with such huge variety of snacks to choose from

What’s next?

We will soon be offering international shipping.

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