Pitch for UPlanMe

Company / App Name: UPlanMe

Twitter – @UPlanMe

What does it do?

UPlanMe is a “smart-calendar” platform that provides users with personalized event suggestions based on their interests in restaurants, nightlife, shopping, sports, music and TV. Users can create/share events and view friends events.

Why do we need it?

UPlanMe is a single, all-inclusive platform to help people plan their lives with events individually tailored to their specific interests. No website combines all of UPlanMe event categories into one platform

Who is it for?

The platform is for anyone and everyone who wants to have personalized events suggestions directly to their calendar, so they can stop planning their life and start living it.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

By incorporating all categories into one platform and allowing users to “opt-into” relevant interests, UPlanMe specifically targets your interests and removes the difficult task of event planning, no matter what the occasion.

What’s next?

UPlanMe is currently in private beta. However, users can sign-up to get access on our homepage. We intend to fully open up the platform in July of 2011.

Pitch Video