Pitch for Universal Converter

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Company / App Name: Universal Converter


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What does it do?

Converts the most important units in a simple, fast, fancy and colorful way!

Why do we need it?

– 🗂️ 15 Categories
– 🎨 Customizable & Colorful User Interface and Dark Mode!
– 🚀 Fast and instant conversations
– 🌐 16 Languages
– 🔢 Integrated Calculator
– 📱Landscape support
– 🔋Battery efficient
– 🚫 No ads

Who is it for?

The best solution for travelers, students, businessmen, and everyone else.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Instantly convert to multiple units at a time!

What’s next?

Improving the app with more features, bringing it to more platforms and reaching a wider audience.

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