Pitch for Ugenie

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Company / App Name: Ugenie


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What does it do?

Ugenie makes it simple for membership businesses to build, grow and engage with their communities by bringing together their communications, events, resources, courses, rewards and more via a branded portal accessible across all devices.

Why do we need it?

Membership management is noisy, fragmented and time-consuming. By combining all of the tools you need to manage your community or membership you can save time, money and develop a meaningful member experience.

Who is it for?

Ugenie is for associations, chambers of commerce, private membership networks, clubs, non-profits, brand communities and alumni networks.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Ugenie prides itself on being one of the simplest solutions out there which is easy to pick up and play. Many competitors have complex and confusing systems that require steep learning curves for the non-technical type of user.

What’s next?

With poor engagement being one of the top cited challenges within community management, Ugenie has a range of content aggregation, curation and creation features in the works.

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