Pitch for Time Travel – Chronicles


Company / App Name: Time Travel – Chronicles


What does it do?

Time Travel – Chronicles is a timeline app for an iPhone.
You can download World History and others with over 70,000 events.
And you can create and edit your own timeline and share it with your friends.

Why do we need it?

With its unique features it will be a must tool for your study of history.
Users can Search/Edit/Create/Study the events with ease and fun.

Who is it for?

History fans who like to know the events of the year.
Students who like to know more details of the event.
Writers who like to make chronological database.
Travelers who like to know the historical site nearby.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It provides all users three big surprises.
First, UNIQUE features no other apps ever have
Second, LARGE volumes of events no other apps ever have
Third, FREE price even with the said two surprises

What’s next?

Now it is only for iPhone.
iPad/Android/Mac/PC is to come.

Link to Company / App Demo video