Pitch for Time for Budget


Company / App Name: Time for Budget


What does it do?

As a first phase, it tracks your accounts balance and offer a transactional calendar to easily see how your net worth is growing overtime. We are working on stronger filtering and the cash flow indicator as I type this (Literally).

Why do we need it?

We truly want people to be able to track their finance in any easy way that fits them. As we grow, we’ll offer AI and transactions analysis so you can personally increase your own knowledge on finance.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to save to achieve their financial or personal goals.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

For now, we believe that it’s simple yet powerful features are easy to use and setup. App performance and friendliness is always on the check to facilitate the use of it.

What’s next?

Like written above, better transactional indicators, advanced filtering. In the future we’ll add user friendly and useful reports. Then will come advanced budgeting module for those who are going all time. Once we’re all set, we’ll add AI.