Pitch for templatesgo

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Company / App Name: templatesgo


Twitter – templatesgocom

What does it do?

We help users to:
– Create a legal document in an easy way
-Choose document format, font, and color.
-Customize text by filling in the form question
– Edit and revise documents freely
– Download legal documents in high-quality PDF file

Why do we need it?

Using our document generation, users can access our legal document templates and customize any documents by fulfilling their information in question. They can edit, review docs, and download in pdf with just a few clicks.

Who is it for?

Users age from 18 to 65+ years old

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We focus on a friendly system to help users quickly get what legal docs they need at no cost. Users can fill in their answers on the question table, review docs, edit them freely, and download them in pdf within a few clicks.

What’s next?

We are continually creating more legal docs and adding Esign function, integrate with Dropbox so users can create, sign docs and share files simultaneously.

Link to Company / App Demo video