Pitch for TechBehemoths

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Company / App Name: TechBehemoths

Twitter – @TechBehemoths

What does it do?

TechBehemoths is the most innovative platform to connect Projects with reputable IT Companies. It simplifies your efforts in finding the best matching and efficient IT companies, regardless of their location and size, in a matter of minutes

Why do we need it?

TechBehemoths can serve both as a market research tool in the global IT industry but also as an opportunity to increase a company’s visibility on the web. It is yet the largest IT company database!

Who is it for?

1. Reputable, trustful and experienced IT service providers looking for their deserved visibility
2. People, institutions and businesses looking for proven IT Companies to obtain the projects they need

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Compared to other similar IT company directories, TechBehemoths is free and provides an improved user experience, with the possibility to find any company or service within 3 clicks.

What’s next?

Mobiteam GmbH will continue to develop the project and provide advanced functionalities for users’ comfort. Personal dashboard, social media elements and paper-based company verification are only a few features that we have in mind.

Link to Company / App Demo video