Pitch for Subcap

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Company / App Name: Subcap


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What does it do?

Subcap is an auto-subtitle generator mobile app with high accuracy thanks to its artificial intelligence. It allows you to shoot a video or upload a video from the gallery. It automatically transcribes the audio to text in 125 languages.

Why do we need it?

Make your videos accessible to more than 400 million deaf people.
Engage with 85% of viewers who don’t have their sound on.
Connect with your viewers instantly to make more connections, increase engagement rates, and gain followers.

Who is it for?

Making all videos readable would be great for not only the deaf community but also everyone who uses social media actively.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Subcap’s simple, secure, fast, and flexible.
No learning process.
Change subtitles’ position, size, color, and style, or customize.
Use any size video.
Save videos in 1080p or 720p quality.
Download the generated SRT file.

What’s next?

~ Save your captioned videos as drafts/projects
~ Translate your subtitles into other languages
~ Add multi-language generated subtitles, show subtitles in 2 languages at once
~ Import an SRT file to your video

Link to Company / App Demo video