Pitch for StreamDuo


Company / App Name: StreamDuo


Twitter – @SteveFrensch

What does it do?

StreamDuo is a platform for B2B data streaming. You use simple APIs to exchange data with your partners in real-time. Kind of like “API hosting as a Service”.

Why do we need it?

Your business lands a new partnership, but the backend data integration means you need to host an API, which is a ton of work. Using the StreamDuo platform you can get that real-time data stream going using simple APIs and not host a thing.

Who is it for?

Engineers and business people who work with partnerships, data integration, and data engineering.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

StreamDuo is the only product that offers streaming data across B2B partners. The unique ability to create and manage authentication and authorization on the platform makes it the only platform for streaming outside of your organization.

What’s next?

Join the free beta, and share your feedback today. Over the next 2 months, we will be introducing more features, and focusing on enabling our users to meet more use-cases on the platform.

Link to Company / App Demo video