Pitch for StockHawk

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Company / App Name: StockHawk


Twitter – @StockHawkApp

What does it do?

StockHawk independently aggregates news, commentary, analysis, and financial data from over 200 of the leading sources. Then ranks, curates, and shapes it into a neat personal daily email summary with bite-sized updates and links.

Why do we need it?

Keeping up with a handful of stocks can quickly add up to hours per week. Jumping from site to site, scrolling through endless news and social media feeds, not to mention the clickbait.

Who is it for?

Regular investors that care enough about their investments, to not just ignore them. It lets you stay updated without all the hassle.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No disturbing app, no ads, no noise, no hidden buy or sell agendas – just a no bullsh*t service to keep the common investor in the loop.

What’s next?

Looking into adding even more daily content and features, such as automatic integration with the most popular brokerages.