Pitch for SpeechText.AI


Company / App Name: SpeechText.AI

Twitter – @SpeechTextAI

What does it do?

SpeechText.AI is the first industry-specific transcription service that can transcribe audio and video information with close to human accuracy.

Why do we need it?

SpeechText.AI enables users to convert audio to text by applying powerful domain-optimized machine learning models and can improve the accuracy of speech recognition for industries such as finance, healthcare, legal, HR, and others.

Who is it for?

Journalists, students, podcasters, research scientists, video editors, lawyers, healthcare specialists

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Domain-optimized models were trained on domain-specific language data to better understand domain-specific terminology, jargon. accents, etc.

What’s next?

Mobile app development for real-time voice transcription

Link to Company / App Demo video