Pitch for Sourceful


Company / App Name: Sourceful

Twitter – matthews8000

What does it do?

Sourceful is a search engine for crowd-sourced public Google docs. We’re on a mission to democratise the web by making online documents, spreadsheets and presentations as popular and accessible as web pages.

Why do we need it?

A large portion of the billion Google Drive users use Google docs as a quick and easy way to share their ideas and expertise. Without a direct connection to these authors, this knowledge is usually hidden from many it could benefit. We have

Who is it for?

Writers who want to create and distribute their content 10x further than social media and other online document tools, and readers who want to access 10x better content than anywhere else.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Everyone has Google docs and knows how to use them. You are therefore only one step away from publishing your Sourceful page!

What’s next?

More docs, more readers!

Link to Company / App Demo video