Pitch for Skillthru

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Company / App Name: Skillthru

Twitter – @skillthru

What does it do?

Skillthru functions as a live E-Learning platform. The platform promotes cultural exchange where people anywhere in the world can be paid to share their knowledge.

Students can book lessons in order to learn new ideas from mentors.

Why do we need it?

People never stop learning and people’s curiosity has no limits. People need to constantly learn new things in order to better themselves and those around them.

We also create jobs for people around the world

Who is it for?

Skillthru is for everyone that either wants to learn something new or has something to share with others!

People that need access to education or need some extra income in their lives!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We promote cultural exchange. Different cultures and nations have many unique perspectives that could benefit the whole world. We create a neutral platform that allows people to share!

What’s next?

Step one is to create a platform for a diverse number of people to interact and learn,

We will then help others gain access to education.

Ensure as many people as possible are able to fulfill their potential!