Pitch for Shlove

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Company / App Name: Shlove


Twitter – shlovedating

What does it do?

Our startup, Shlove, is a long-term dating app for college students looking to find their life-long partner. Shlove works by focusing on a more meaningful and confusion-free dating process and by promoting a hookup-free culture.

Why do we need it?

If we do not fix this mess that is dating in college, then people will continue to be unhappy and complain about the hookup culture and how it is difficult to find someone who is serious.

Who is it for?

This is for college students. However, eventually, this model will be available for everyone.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

For one, Shlove is only for college students. Shlove has tools and features to prevent students from using it as a hookup or attention-seeking app (among other problems).

What’s next?

We (all 5 of us) are still in college. We are currently promoting our startup to other students and friends and fundraising on Kickstarter. After our campaign, we hope to launch it first to Penn State Students.

Link to Company / App Demo video