Pitch for SEQUOIA – Pet furniture

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Company / App Name: SEQUOIA – Pet furniture


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What does it do?

SEQUOIA™ – Pet furniture
Durable, natural, customizable, modern, handmade and ethical.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sequoia-cat-trees/sequoia-pets-furniture (February 28)

Why do we need it?

The cat tree helps several basic needs of the cat. SEQUOIA‘s mission is to change the way people consume pet supplies, by offering durable and natural materials, no plastics and chemically dyed fabrics! It’s time for things to change!

Who is it for?

For all cat owners (all around the world), even for large breeds of cat as Maine Coon. For people who care about consuming responsibly, for people who think that regular cat trees are ugly and not durable. We are the solution.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are the first company to make cat trees with bamboo. We want to avoid overconsumption, only one tree is necessary for the life of your cat. The products are made with natural and durable materials.

What’s next?

Our products are available on our website and on Etsy platform. Our challenge is the crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Our project will be online on February 28, 2022.