Pitch for Security Universal

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Company / App Name: Security Universal


Twitter – @SecurityUnivers1

What does it do?

Security Universal provides organizations with a comprehensive, 24-component Security Platform to help manage, monitor, and secure the entire IT Infrastructure.

Why do we need it?

While most tools focus on singular aspects of IT Security, the Security Universal Platform monitors 24 individual aspects of Security and Compliance. This allows organizations to focus on a single security tool while maximizing results.

Who is it for?

Security Universal is for organizations looking to fulfill Security and Compliance requirements by implementing a simple-to-use tool. The Platform is designed to assist small to large IT Teams with various level of security expertise.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

In addition to providing 24 Security components, Security Universal also integrates with existing security tools. By integrating these tools with the Security Universal Platform, users will also maximize the benefits of third-party tools.

What’s next?

While the Security Universal Platform is available currently as a hosted Service, we are currently working on a Mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Link to Company / App Demo video