Pitch for RoboMo Inc.


Company / App Name: RoboMo Inc.


What does it do?

Your all-in-one property management platform
that combines property management domain
expertise with the most comprehensive, easy to
use, and secure technology.
Powerful and scalable, we can easily customize it
to create a fit-for-purp

Why do we need it?

Current property Management is based on paper based process, slow interactions with tenants and vendors and very little remote capabilities.

This results in low efficacies and bloated costs in managing properties

Who is it for?

Property Management Companies and Property Developers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We offer the lowest rate on a per unit basis in the world, have more features and functionality than any of our competitors and have developed the product in-house together with insights of some of the best property developers in Asia

What’s next?

We have now on-boarded a number of clients and are looking to grow the business to more countries. We are now open for round A investors.

Link to Company / App Demo video