Pitch for Revnue Corp.

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Company / App Name: Revnue Corp.


Twitter – revnuecorp

What does it do?

Revenue is an AI-powered intelligent digital contract management platform that is transforming the way enterprises manage their contracts.

Why do we need it?

Next-gen Contract Management Platform that leverages AI, ML, NLP & deep learning technologies to combine the power of contract metadata with human knowledge delivering insights that reclaim significant financial value by hidden opportunity.

Who is it for?

By making contract management accessible to everyone, from small businesses to very large enterprises, the company aims to make a positive impact on millions of customers across the globe.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Revenue was able to develop, launch, and announce the global availability of our contract management platform in less than a year. Revenue has built up a massive pipeline that currently numbers over 800 individuals and businesses.

What’s next?

-Build up the engineering team from 38 to a 100 people
-Set up bases in Asian countries such as India and the Philippines
-Localize the product for those markets
-Get to about $5 Million revenue within three years

Link to Company / App Demo video