Pitch for Reservzy


Company / App Name: Reservzy


What does it do?

Reservzy is an appointment booking and management system specifically developed for individual service providers. Apart from appointment booking and management we also aim to help stores with in depth understanding of the overall performanc

Why do we need it?

Our main mission is to help your customers with ease of booking your services, save time for both the parties and generate insights at the same time!! While we also aim to bring recurring booking to your stores.

Who is it for?

Reservzy can be used by anyone from a sole service provider to enterprise offering services to enable their customers with online appointment booking

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Simple to use and our next features bring customised solutions for industry specific problems

What’s next?

We launched our first version on the store. Next we want to bring in more customisation and be able to integrate the system both backward and forward providing with the best solutions.