Pitch for RecordSnail

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Company / App Name: RecordSnail


Twitter – @recordsnail

What does it do?

With RecordSnail you can record and send audio messages via email easily. Simply record a message and with just a few clicks we craft you a beautiful email that is customized to your B2B prospect with a button to your audio recording.

Why do we need it?

You can stand out from the crowd of text based emails and more responses to your cold emails. In addition to that, you can save precious time by simply recording an audio message instead of typing a mail. We craft the email for you.

Who is it for?

RecordSnail is mainly a Chrome Extension for salesmen, agencies and other B2B companies.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

RecordSnail is the best way to send b2b cold emails today. You don’t need to attach the audio recording to the email itself and you can build your own templates for personalized emails.

What’s next?

We launched a free trial and have big plans. We want to communicate with our first users closely and get their feedback. We have a couple of ideas for the future but only want to implement them if it 100% helps our users.

Link to Company / App Demo video