Pitch for Quirl

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Company / App Name: Quirl


Twitter – https://twitter.com/AppQuirl

What does it do?

Quirl is a mobile gaming app that turns kids’ daily chores and tasks into an opportunity for fun, with quests and magical items. It also includes daily exercises for kids like writing down goals and listing what they are grateful for.

Why do we need it?

Quirl is all about improving kid’s motivation. It uses allowances and gaming mechanics already proven effective in the gaming industry to truly engage kids with their real-world goals and wellness.

Who is it for?

Four in five parents want kids to work for and complete chores in exchange for their allowances, and that’s exactly what Quirl makes easy to do. Quirl is for families with children of all ages looking for an innovative way to motivate.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Other family apps discount just how important the kid’s experience of their app is. Without engagement on the kid’s side, the app cannot function as intended. Quirl’s gaming experience increases engagement both with the app and with real-wo

What’s next?

Quirl’s vision is to create and nurture a positive culture among families where growth, wellness, goal achievement, and genuine engagement is celebrated. We make it easy for kids to root each other on and form a truly positive community.

Link to Company / App Demo video