Pitch for QHSE Companion


Company / App Name: QHSE Companion

Twitter – @QhseCompanion

What does it do?

Helps businesses have absolute control & track over QHSE mandatory Requirements robustly & simultaneously. An Integrated database application with innovative approach to QHSE overwhelming international standards requirements & regulations

Why do we need it?

•Avoid data missing, duplication and contradiction.
•Ensure data Cascaded & shared within QHSE team members simultaneously
•QHSE Data Updated, concurrently at the speed of light.
•Non conformities robustly tracked and resolved on t

Who is it for?

QHSE COMPANION applicable to businesses dedicated to compliance with QHSE Int’l standards or any Mgmt. Sys Standards. Activities centralized thru one platform, robustly accessible to team members on the go. No more isolated island workplace

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Existing Apps address few areas of QHSE & ignore the collective requirements basis of QHSE compliance process also overlooking the importance of shared synchronized data among team members. This App make these practices obsolete.

What’s next?

Will focus on Advertising & campaigning on many social medias’ platforms, also will seek the help of professional advisers to guide us to the best method to adopt for promotion

Link to Company / App Demo video