Pitch for Prospeqs


Company / App Name: Prospeqs


What does it do?

Prospeqs Ride Tracker is a ride tracking app for motivated horse riders of any level to track their riding progress against their goals. Key features include a riding journal, along with video and photo upload, sharing and storage.

Why do we need it?

Other sports — running, mountain biking, swimming — have performance apps. Horse riders in the hunter/jumper community need one too. Prospeqs supports the “recorded” part of the equation with respect to SMARTER goal setting.

Who is it for?

Prospeqs is for motivated equestrians in the hunter/jumper community.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Prospeqs is the only ride tracking app that supports video upload and storage, so riders can build an organized, searchable media library of themselves (say for a pitch to a college coach) or for their horse (when it’s time to sell).

What’s next?

We’re exploring partnerships with horse show photographers and videographers so riders can get notifications when they have media ready to review and purchase. And, we’re building a virtual trophy case so riders can record show ribbons.

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