Pitch for PrizeShips


Company / App Name: PrizeShips

Twitter – PrizeShips

What does it do?

The purpose of PrizeShips is to send big files, more than 20GB files, but, without getting a monthly subscription. Also, being a reliable service, secure, easy to use, and fast.

Why do we need it?

Because out there are plenty of file transfer services, but the major services are monthly subscription type. Also, have a limitation to transfer 20GB per transfer.
Also, PrizeShips always is improving the service.

Who is it for?

Any company that wants to send his backups (more than 50GB).

Video producer content that needs to transfer his video content without losing the quality of the videos.

Each person needs to transfer more than 20GB in a secure way.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy navigation through the website. Each line of code was designed to being an efficient service. Always improving the speed of the site. Pay per use, instead of getting a monthly subscription.

What’s next?

PrizeShips will be working on the speed, in order to make it faster and faster.
Improve the navigation in the software. Improve the navigation to always make it easier to use.