Pitch for Ping penguin

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Company / App Name: Ping penguin


Twitter – _pingpenguin

What does it do?

Pingpenguin is a website where you can order personalised labels with a qr code to get in contact with you. Stick them on your things then if you leave something behind someone can find it and contact you

Why do we need it?

Millions of items get lost causing waste and frustration, our aim is to help get things back to their owners

Who is it for?

People with things! In particular tech-savvy people living in busy cities who are out and about a lot and use public transport or uber/taxi services where things are often left behind

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We’re fun and personalised which we think is important because nobody wants to cover their possessions with ugly, generic stickers.
We collect all the information we need during the purchase process, so stickers arrive with you ready to go

What’s next?

We’ve got loads of ideas but it all depends on customer feedback! Maybe a subscription model

Link to Company / App Demo video