Pitch for Pegby

Company / App Name: Pegby

Twitter – @GetPegby

What does it do?

Pegby is a new browser-based productivity app that emulates pegging cards onto a constantly updating board. Make plans and list to-dos with the ability to customize according to taste. Share all your data seamlessly and in real-time.

Why do we need it?

Pegby was developed as a response to what we saw lacking in the wide assortment of bug-tracking/PM tools we experienced as software developers. The tool is very easy & fun to use, but also scalable to manage even the most robust projects.

Who is it for?

Pegby is for everyone! Come to the board with friends, family and co-workers and get stuff done more efficiently.

*Pegby is currently in open beta, and absolutely FREE for everyone.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1) Flexible – customize your boards to suit the way YOU think.
2) Recycleable – favorite boards can be reused over and over.
3) Cooperative – share boards and get everyone working together.

What’s next?

*Public Boards – (provide open interaction anywhere on the web)
*Custom Boards – (seamless integration with corporate clients back-end)
*Mobile Apps – (iPad, iOS, Android & Blackberry friendly)

Pitch Video