Pitch for PARiM


Company / App Name: PARiM

Twitter – parimsoftware

What does it do?

Proven, professional scheduling, time tracking, HR and leave management software

Why do we need it?

PARiM allows you to build a flexible staff pool of different types of workers – part-time, gig, subcontractors, freelancers, full-time workers and to schedule, track and manage them from one place.

Who is it for?

Upper management teams of companies with 250 or more employees looking for a serious, professional-level workforce software for far less money than they spend currently.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We stand out due to our flexible pricing model which allows companies with more than 250 employees to host unlimited number of users, locations and everything else to create an infinite staff pool and to manage it with lightning-fast tools.

What’s next?

We are busy building our API and a revolutionary Pay Manager that allows you to combine different types of pay rates for flexible forms of pay management.

Link to Company / App Demo video