Pitch for OpenNow

Company / App Name: OpenNow


What does it do?

OpenNow is a new startup that aims to solve the problem of restaurant hours on the internet once and for all. Never again will you have to wonder what is open now, or when this place closes, or whether there are other open places near you.

Why do we need it?

Ever needed to know right now what is open near you? Ever tried to find a place’s hours only to be stymied by mediocre online listings? We feel your pain and after one too many frustrating experiences, we have set out to change all that

Who is it for?

People in San Francisco looking for a place to eat in an unfamiliar neighborhood or at an unfamiliar time.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s fast, accurate, and designed for one purpose: finding you a nearby place to eat right now.

What’s next?

Adding more restaurants to our database and expanding to more cities!

Pitch Video