Pitch for OB Great, LLC

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Company / App Name: OB Great, LLC

Twitter – Instagram: theobgreat

What does it do?

OB Great is an (online exclusive) one-on-one Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and Whatsapp communication platform to provide cost-efficient mental health support, tutoring aid, career service advice, and more.

Why do we need it?

We are living in COVID times, so wearing a mask every day being limited to where we can go has been depressing and decreased true social human encounterings; thus, we have influencers people can talk to if they need someone to confide in.

Who is it for?

OB Great is for people who are vulnerable to depression, who need motivation and advice, and who are in school. Thus, OB Great is for people who are 5 years old to 45 years old.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

OB Great is unique in that we are not professionals. A small business that understands some people may not be able to afford professional help may still receive similar services through us but through our experiences.

What’s next?

We are in the process of creating an app where people may book through the app when they need someone to talk to or book for tutoring on-demand. We will also have the option for people to have access to receiving daily self-affirmations.

Link to Company / App Demo video