Pitch for MyFi – My Financials


Company / App Name: MyFi – My Financials


What does it do?

MyFi allows users to securely connect their bank accounts from multiple institutions and keep a close eye on their incoming and outgoing money. It provides broad and fine grained information into the user’s spending habits.

Why do we need it?

MyFi helps users keep an eye on their money and allows them understand whether they are overspending on a regular basis. It aids in creating a habit to keep an eye on your money and aims to encourage users to save more.

Who is it for?

MyFi is for any one with a bank account or who wants to start paying closer attention to their monthly spending. It’s for those who want to start making a real effort towards saving or need to understand where they are spending too much.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

What makes MyFi stand out is its simplicity to use, combined with the beneficial information it provides. It familiarizes users with how they are truly spending their money across all accounts – not only at a single financial institution.

What’s next?

On MyFi’s roadmap is a simple, yet powerful, budgeting tool. In addition, MyFi is working towards more fine-grained transaction categorization to provide users with even greater detail into their spending habits.