Pitch for Moonly


Company / App Name: Moonly


Twitter – @MoonlyNft

What does it do?

Moonly is a powerful set of tools that use data analysis and AI, to help you find the next best Solana NFT project to mint.

Why do we need it?

Using powerful data analysis tools that power our AI, Moonly is able to recognize possible blue-chip NFT projects analyzing over 18 different factors. Chrome Extension is there to show you valuable info about the project.

Who is it for?

NFT audience, Blockchain audience. Crypto audience.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Moonly itself is an NFT, which is not just another PfP (profile picture) project, but it comes with very strong utility-like access to the premium tools.

What’s next?

Analyzing social stats, engagement, validation of followers, growth rate, doxxed founders, roadmap, Discord community, etc.

Link to Company / App Demo video