Pitch for Minute 14

Company / App Name: Minute 14

Twitter – @Minute14

What does it do?

We read these stories about celebrities and we all say to ourselves, what a dumb opinion. Celebrities, they all fear minute 14. Its that moment just before they become irrelevant and thats where we come in. Comments from reg people.

Why do we need it?

All celebrity gossip sites pander to them and fear getting them mad. We have straight forward opinions that everyone can relate to.

Who is it for?

It it for anyone who is interested in reading opinions on current events and celebrities.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There are no sites out there that “dare” to discuss how lame some of these celebrities are. We call them out. We expose their sillyness. We Discuss how irrelevant they are about to be or will be soon enough.

What’s next?

Content is updated daily. Our Alexa ranking has put us among the best in the industry… Next? Sponsorships, advertising, and more contributors.

Pitch Video