Pitch for Mindbreath

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Company / App Name: Mindbreath


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What does it do?

Relax, Focus, Energize and stay healthy all day long. Easy to use breathing exercises that can be used anytime, anywhere and provide quick results. Tracks health via HRV analysis.

Why do we need it?

Mental and physical health is among the core issues faced by humans in the current age, we do our bit to help raise health and consciousness.

Who is it for?

Our basic free tier is for anybody and everybody, a quick byte of relaxation before an interview or a byte of focus & energy boost before a game can go a long way.

Advanced programs help more serious users and HRV analysis caters to all.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Breathing apps mostly lack depth. We believe is the most comprehensive breath app ever.

Camera HRV analysis- only 4 or so good apps exist for that, we’re one. It provides empirical data on one’s health- can be used for lifestyle tweaks.

What’s next?

Scaling the product, making it multi-platform.
Exploring biofeedback and working on ML algorithms to detect illnesses.
Integrating community in a seamless way within the in-app experience.

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