Pitch for Marvin’s Den

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Company / App Name: Marvin’s Den


Twitter – @marvinsden

What does it do?

The world’s first mobile app marketplace for meal prep. Order from the best meal prep companies in the UK from the comfort of your phone, in an easy to use mobile app. Our mission is to make healthy meals as accessible as takeaway meals!

Why do we need it?

In the last 3 years the meal prep industry has boomed. This is great, but not ideal for customers as the choice is overwhelming and for meal prep companies which fight tough competition. A marketplace is needed for greater efficiency.

Who is it for?

It is for those who are looking to reach fitness goal such as lose weight or gain weight. Our app is for those who are looking to save time, stay healthy without compromising on taste and convenience.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the only marketplace for meal prep, it is also an app and most meal prep companies sell from an e-commerce website or even take orders through Whatsapp or Facebook marketplace

What’s next?

We aim to launch in the US soon – the largest market for meal prep and fitness meals. We want to launch wherever there are meal prep companies and people want healthy meals delivered. Let’s Marvin’s Den It On!

Link to Company / App Demo video