Pitch for MA.RS Marketing Platform

Company / App Name: MA.RS Marketing Platform

Twitter – marsapp

What does it do?

ma.rs is a marketing platform. It is a web tool for creating, managing, publishing and analyzing mobile campaigns. Our mission is to bridge gap between traditional offline marketing and new interactive web based marketing

Why do we need it?

ma.rs adds new interactive layer on a top of old ad mediums. It can create new dimension of printed advertising and other old channels. It solves pinpoints of traditional advertising which is one-way, non-interactive

Who is it for?

ma.rs application is for creative marketing agencies, web agencies and as well as for freelance marketing and web professionals.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It combines various tools and technologies into one powerful platform. All regarding mobile marketing and advertising can be done from one place.

What’s next?

ma.rs will expand into LBS space and new features will be added every two weeks.

Pitch Video