Pitch for Livlet

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Company / App Name: Livlet


Twitter – @livletuk

What does it do?

Livlet collects information about your property, organizes and extends it, so you can make smart, well-timed decisions about when and how to maintain and improve your property.

Why do we need it?

For most homeowners, their property is their largest and most important asset, therefore being more house literate and proactive is essential to preserve and grow what they have.

Who is it for?

All homeowners. Whether you have one property or more.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Amazingly, there is no crowd! There are a handful of obscure, direct competitors focused on the digital vault/ Angi aspect of this space. LivLet is different because it has native intelligence advising you how to improve your investment.

What’s next?

Livlet just launched in the UK. We’re working on proof of concept and offering LivLet for free until we can confidently begin charging for our services. After that we aim to expand to select communities in the United States.

Link to Company / App Demo video