Pitch for Lasso


Company / App Name: Lasso


Twitter – @LassoWP

What does it do?

We built a WordPress plugin that helps affiliate marketers boost CTR and simplifies link management.

Why do we need it?

Lasso creates an inventory of every link on your site. Lets bloggers create gorgeous product displays. Every display built with Lasso is SEO & mobile-friendly. And it works with every affiliate program on the planet.

Who is it for?

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and anyone who monetizes their website with affiliate links.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Works with every affiliate program on earth (so works with non-Amazon programs), gives you alerts for broken links and out-of-stock products, its Keywording tool lets you find and monetize mentions of terms & brands sitewide.

What’s next?

We’ve got comparison tables and auto-Amazon in progress. On deck, we’ve got revenue & conversion tracking plus shared Lasso links between sites and be able to pull GA data into Lasso and sort notifications by which links get the most clicks

Link to Company / App Demo video