Pitch for Lafiya Telehealth Inc


Company / App Name: Lafiya Telehealth Inc

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LafiyaT_health

What does it do?

We are a TeleHealth startup with a mission to provide affordable healthcare access to the uninsured and underserved. 24/7 access to top medical doctors right from the comfort of your home.

Why do we need it?

Inaccessible Healthcare
1. Doctors leave emerging markets
2. Zero or limited medical insurance
3. The low number of MSs per 1000 people (Not Enough Doctors)
4. Global Covid-19 Pandemic
5.High cost of healthcare

Who is it for?

Innovative Telemedicine for the Minority in the USA, Africa, Latin America, and emerging market smartphone users eg 250 million-plus smartphone users in Africa

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Fully Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem
1. Affordable Teleconsultations
2. Access to Top Private Doctors, Hospitals, and HMOs
3. Virtual Kiosks Home Care Kits
4. Diagnostics and Pharmacies
5. Secure Communications Platform

What’s next?

Lafiya is a fully integrated Telemedicine Digital healthcare Platform to provides patients with affordable healthcare options for everyone, everywhere, and anytime. We are shaping the future of healthcare- Funding and expansion

Link to Company / App Demo video