Pitch for La Ruche d’Or

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Company / App Name: La Ruche d’Or


Twitter – @cookitwell74

What does it do?

There are 2 key thrusts of our mission:

1. Promote sustainable and responsible consumption of honey products.

2. Empower beekeepers in underserved communities with our development and enlargement programs.

Why do we need it?

The first thrust is to help eliminate the use of plastics and making honey products portable and accessible for all with zero waste.

The second, help beekeepers earn a decent living with the aim to help with food security.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Even suitable for children and vegetarians. Our first offering, the stingless bee honey, is suitable for even diabetic people due to a compound, Trehalulose, that is not present in most other honey and does not cause tooth decay.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our honey is encapsulated in food-grade seaweed capsules. It is 100% edible. The packaging is compostable. We aim for zero waste.

We also aim to help uplift beekeepers in underserved communities working towards food security.

What’s next?

After the stingless bee honey, we will be bringing you honey from Bhutan, France and highly sought after wild “Tualang” honey that are harvested from hives perched 30 feet off the ground by native tribes of Borneo.

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