Pitch for Kaapi


Company / App Name: Kaapi

Twitter – adityarao310

What does it do?

We help startup leaders build happy, high-performing remote teams! Boost team morale, have fun together and run standup meetings. All while working remotely.

Why do we need it?

You can use Kaapi to uncover hidden people issues and get insightful feedback on morale, culture and alignment! The other important aspect of remote work is having fun together, and Kaapi icebreakers enable that!

Who is it for?

Kaapi is perfect for remote startup leaders with company size less than 100 employees!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Kaapi works where work already happens. We work deeply with your existing tools like Slack, MS teams, Jira, Github etc.

What’s next?

– Expanding beyond Slack
– Rewards & recognition
– 360 degree feedback