Pitch for HexaEight Serverless


Company / App Name: HexaEight Serverless


Twitter – HexaEight

What does it do?

HexaEight Serverless Runs In A Serverless Infrastructure Inside Your Environment And Authenticates Users By Integrating Login Capabilities In Your Application Without Writing Any Code or Using Integration Libraries

Why do we need it?

Authentication any email address in your application without the need to sign up users or store user credentials in a backend database or redirecting the user to another site to complete the authentication process.

Who is it for?

For Application and Product Development Companies including Developers who DO NOT want to integrate Social Logins, but allow authentication from any email domain without writing the logic to integrate authentication into the application

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Authenticate Millions of users using Serverless Tech, Developers do not need to write any code to implement authentication, instead they point the application to the login page that is available when you install our authentication template

What’s next?

HexaEight Tokens is our upcoming release that can be deployed on operating Systems like Windows, Linux and Mac to protect resources. It can also be deployed on IOT like Raspberry Pis to Power Robots to perform authentication of users.

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