Pitch for Guava Numbers


Company / App Name: Guava Numbers

Twitter – guavanumbers

What does it do?

Guava Numbers is the easiest, fastest way to get a vanity phone number.

Search for numbers, purchase, and forward to your existing number. No contracts, no wait, no equipment required.

Why do we need it?

Businesses that use vanity phone numbers will see up to 50% more calls.

Traditionally these numbers are really hard to acquire, we’ve made the process seamless, in less than a minute, your number will be ready to receive calls and texts

Who is it for?

Any business that does local print advertising and would like to get more calls.

Also businesses looking to stand out in a crowded industry

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No other service is as fast or easy to use as Guava Numbers, either you have to wait multiple days, or you get charged thousands of dollars.

We charge a flat fee of $15/month, with no contracts. And there’s zero wait.

What’s next?

We launched in November 2020 to a small list of prospects that already wanted specific numbers. Since launch we’ve had a few numbers purchased.

We are listening now to feature suggestions and how we can best service our customers!